• Miso  fish broth soup with tofu2.50
  • Thom Kha  coconut lime-broth soup with shrimp4.50
  • vegan Edamame  salted soybeans4.00
  • vegan gluten Tsukemono  assorted Japanese pickles5.50
  • dairy/eggs gluten House Salad  with sesame dressing4.50
  • vegan Sunomono  cucumber salad with soy vinegraiette2.50
  • vegan Seaweed Salad  with cucumber3.50
  • gluten Chuka Ika Salad   marinated squid with cucumbers4.50
  • Tako Poke  spicy octopus with seaweed, cucumber8.00
  • raw Ahi Poke  marinated tuna with seaweed, cucumber9.50

  • gluten contains gluten raw served raw 
    dairy/eggs contains dairy/eggs vegan vegan 

SASHIMI 6 or 8 pieces.
Raw fish, shellfish, or red meat, served with daikon radish. Eaten with chopsticks, a delicate starter of the best cuts. Ask your chef what he loves today!

  • Tako  (octopus)7.50
  • Saba  (mackerel)9.00
  • gluten Sake  (salmon)9.50
  • gluten Shiro Maguro  (albacore)10.00
  • gluten Walu  (escolar)10.00
  • gluten Maguro  (red tuna)12.00
  • gluten Hamachi  (yellowtail)13.00
  • gluten Maguro/Hamachi  (10-12 pc.)14.50
  • gluten Chef's Love Assortment  (16 pc.)21.50
  • gluten Deluxe Love  (36 pc.)41.50

  • gluten contains gluten raw served raw 
    dairy/eggs contains dairy/eggs vegan vegan 


  • dairy/eggs Steamed Vegetables   with sweet chili and sesame dressing7.00
  • dairy/eggs gluten Tempura Vegetables8.00
  • dairy/eggs gluten Tempura Shrimp  3 jumbo prawns9.50
  • dairy/eggs gluten Tempura Combination  3 jumbo prawns & veggies13.50
  • gluten Agedashi Tofu  crispy tofu with broth, mushrooms7.00
  • gluten Ceviche  citrus marinated seafood with cilantro, bell pepper, served with chips8.00
  • dairy/eggs gluten Crispy Calamari  with spicy mayo sauce9.00
  • gluten Honey-Glazed Calamari  sauteed w/bell pepper, onion. Served w/rice.10.00

  • gluten contains gluten raw served raw 
    dairy/eggs contains dairy/eggs vegan vegan 


  • gluten Teriyaki Chicken   marinated chicken breast, served with rice, steamed brocolli, cabbage salad11.50
  • dairy/eggs gluten Yakisoba  stir-fried thin noodles & vegetables with tofu 10.50
    with chicken 11.50
  • dairy/eggs gluten Yaki Udon   thick stir-fried noodles with peanuts in sweet beer sauce with tofu 12.50
    with shrimp 14.50
  • dairy/eggs Rotating Curry  varies with season served over rice with veggies with tofu 14.50
    with chicken 15.50
  • dairy/eggs gluten Cashew Beef   Thai-style stir fry served with veggies & rice15.50
    substitute shrimp 16.50
  • dairy/eggs gluten raw Encrusted Ahi   seared tuna with panko breading, served over rice with lime ginger butter sauce16.50

  • gluten contains gluten raw served raw 
    dairy/eggs contains dairy/eggs vegan vegan 

MAKI SUSHI 6 or 8 pieces.

All rolls contain cucumber unless noted. Rolled sushi with seaweed paper, sliced into bite-sized pieces. You can eat these with chopsticks, but fingers work best.

  • vegan Kappa cucumber with sesame seeds4.00
  • vegan Avocado Maki no cucumber4.00
  • vegan Midori seasoned vegetables, sesame seeds6.00
  • raw Tekka red tuna, no cucumber5.00
  • raw Vulcan shredded tuna, chili, green onion, sesame seeds6.00
  • raw Deluxe Vulcan maguro sashimi chunks, chili, green onion8.00
  • dairy/eggs gluten California crab salad mix with avocado, sesame seeds7.00
  • raw Shawna's Roll salmon, avocado, sesame seeds7.50
  • gluten Deluxe California rock crab, avocado, masago8.50
  • dairy/eggs Roasted Salmon Skin  gobo, (pickled burdock), sesame seeds6.50
  • gluten Dragon  eel, avocado, sesame seeds8.50
  • dairy/eggs gluten Shrimp Tempura with avocado and cucumber, masago, spicy mayo9.50
  • gluten Spider  soft shell crab with gobo, avocado, masago11.50
  • gluten Caterpillar  eel, avocado, avocado on outside12.00
  • dairy/eggs gluten raw Rainbow  California roll with sashimi on outside15.00

  • gluten contains gluten raw served raw 
    dairy/eggs contains dairy/eggs vegan vegan 

SPECIALTY ROLLS 6 or 8 pieces.
All rolls contain cucumber.

  • vegan Snowden kraut-chi, avocado5.50
  • dairy/eggs gluten Firewire spicy tempura asparagus with avocado7.50
  • vegan Green Goblin grilled asparagus, tangy miso sauce, soy wrapper6.50
  • dairy/eggs Cat 5 Maki Cajun blackened Walu w/ spicy mayo7.50
  • dairy/eggs raw Blue Bus Maki pepper-seared tuna, kraut-chi, spicy mayo8.50
  • dairy/eggs gluten raw Belly Roll creamy scallop and rock crab mixture, sesame seeds8.00
  • Celilo smoked steelhead with sweet hot mustard, sesame seeds8.00
  • dairy/eggs gluten YasuiCalifornia roll with smoked salmon outside10.50
  • raw Wangowalu, mango, avacado, sesame seeds9.00
  • dairy/eggs gluten Ski-Pat Roll Tempura albacore and veggies, spicy beer sauce and peanuts (no rice)9.50
  • dairy/eggs gluten Slingshottempura walu, avocado, tobikko, chili9.50
  • gluten dairy/eggs raw He-man creamy albacore with habañero, spicy masago10.50
  • gluten raw Gonzo Vulcan roll with unagi on outside, sesame seeds12.00
  • gluten raw Pinchot hamachi, maguro, avocado and tobikko11.50
  • dairy/eggs gluten raw Bonjo tempura shrimp, spicy tuna, crunchy toppings11.50

  • gluten contains gluten raw served raw 
    dairy/eggs contains dairy/eggs vegan vegan 

TE MAKI hand roll 1 piece.
All rolls contain cucumber. Cone-shaped roll, one big piece of nori wrapped around rice, fish and/or veggies.
Eat it like an ice cream cone, not for sharing!

  • vegan Vegetable avocado, cucumber, seasoned vegetables4.00
  • gluten Roasted Salmon Skin with gobo5.00
  • raw Thai Salmon  with cilantro, avocado, sambaal chili sauce5.50
  • gluten dairy/eggs raw Spicy Scallop with spicy mayo, masago5.50
  • raw Spicy Tuna with green onion, sesame oil5.00
  • gluten Eel with cucumber5.00
  • gluten raw Green Eggs and Ham hamachi, avocado, wasabi tobikko6.00
  • gluten raw WAT walu, avocado, tobikko6.00
  • raw Poke Te Maki  spicy maguro sashimi, avocado6.00

  • gluten contains gluten raw served raw 
    dairy/eggs contains dairy/eggs vegan vegan 

NIGIRI SUSHI 2 pieces per order
sliced fish over formed rice balls, traditionally served with wasabi paste, but not here! Eat them with your fingers; we want them to melt in your mouth, not fall into your lap. They are best dipped upside down into soy sauce, so the fish takes a bath, not the rice!

  • dairy/eggs Tamago (egg)3.00
  • gluten Inari (tofu)3.00
  • vegan Avocado 3.00
  • Ebi (shrimp)3.00
  • raw Hokkigai (surf clam)3.50
  • Saba (mackerel)4.00
  • raw Shiro Maguro (albacore)4.00
  • raw Maguro (red tuna)4.50
  • raw Sake (salmon)4.00
  • raw Walu (escolar)4.00
  • raw Hamachi (yellowtail)5.00
  • raw Kampachi (amberjack)4.50
  • raw God's Walu Eye (escolar w/grilled pineapple salsa)4.75
  • Tako (octopus)4.00
  • Smoked Salmon 4.00
  • dairy/eggs gluten raw Hotate (creamy scallop w/ masago)*4.00
  • gluten Tobikko (flying fish roe)*4.00
  • gluten Ikura (salmon roe)*5.00
  • Kani (crab)3.50
  • gluten Anago (sea eel)4.50
  • gluten Unagi (river eel)5.00
  • raw Uni (sea urchin roe)*7.00
  • raw Amaebi (sweet shrimp)7.00
  • *add Quail Egg  .50

  • gluten contains gluten raw served raw 
    dairy/eggs contains dairy/eggs vegan vegan 

served with miso soup.
Please ask for Gluten-free and/or cooked items only
  • vegan Mala Plate 8 vegetarian assortment, 8 pc maki, 6 pc nigiri14.50
  • dairy/eggs gluten raw Moana Plate 4 pc California Roll, 8 pc nigiri18.50
  • raw Chirashi Bowl sashimi 14 -16 pc over sushi rice20.50
  • raw Bla-Lah Platter 12 pc assorted sashimi, 8 pc maki, 10 pc nigiri35.00
  • dairy/eggs gluten raw Pololi Platter 7 Rolls, California, Thai Salmon, Cat 5, Firewire, Bonjo, Shrimp Tempura, Gonzo58.00
  • gluten raw Sumo Platter California, spicy tuna, dragon, 20 pc nigiri68.00
  • gluten raw Hukilau Platter 48 pc maki, 42 pc nigiri125.00

DESSERTS ask your server about selection

  • dairy/eggs Ice Cream (green tea, vanilla)4.00
  • dairy/eggs gluten Mochi Bon Bons Ice cream balls with a sweet rice flour wrapper. 2 pieces per order, choose 1 or 2 flavors - selection varies (green tea, chocolate, strawberry, mango, red bean, mint chip, cookies & cream)4.00
  • vegan Sesame Bon Bons fried rice balls with red-bean filling, sesame seed outside, served warm, 4 pieces per order3.50
  • dairy/eggs gluten Lemon Ginger Cheesecake served with Lemon curd6.00
  • dairy/eggs gluten Tempura Ice Cream (green tea, vanilla)6.00

  • gluten contains gluten raw served raw 
    dairy/eggs contains dairy/eggs vegan vegan 


  • RC Cola, Diet Cola, 7-Up2.50
  • Passion Orange Guava or Mango Orange Juice2.60
  • Pellegrino Sparkling Water2.00
  • Jasmine Iced Tea2.50
  • Herbal or Black Tea2.50
  • Thomas Kemper Root Beer3.00
  • Reed's Ginger Beer3.00

Our Two Tatami rooms are available for reservations with a group of 6-20 people.

Please notify your server ahead of time if separate checks are required. For larger groups, we reserve the right to limit the number of split checks. Automatic gratuity of 18% added for groups of 6 or more. Please be considerate and limit cell phone conversations to waiting area or outside.


  • LUNCH served FRIDAY only
  • SUNDAY 5pm-9pm
  • MONDAY 5pm-9pm
  • TUESDAY 5pm-9pm
  • WEDNESDAY 5pm-9pm
  • THURSDAY 5pm-9:pm
  • FRIDAY Noon-2pm & 5pm-10pm
  • SATURDAY 5pm-10pm

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